Wrexham Lager Offices

Wrexham Lager Offices, Central Road, Grade II Listed

The Wrexham Lager office building was constructed in 1881, the year in which the brewery was established by a group of German businessmen.  The  German roots of the business are reflected in the building's Bavarian style turret.Wrexham Lager was the first lager to be produced in the UK when the brewery became fully operational in 1882.  Despite a slow start, Wrexham Lager, and lager in general, became a huge success both locally and nationally thus making this building a very important part of the town's history.

Following a series of takeovers and mergers, the brewery ended up in the hands of Carlsberg-Tetley.  They closed the plant in 2000 and most of the buildings were cleared shortly afterwards, leaving this building the lone survivor.

The Wrexham Lager brewery was re-established by a local family (in a different location) in 2011 and in a very short space of time has proven to be a huge success.


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