Acton Gates

Acton Gates, Chester Road, Grade II Listed

Acton Gates were erected in about 1820 at the start of the driveway which led to Acton Hall from Chester Road, through the grounds of Acton Park.  Acton Hall stood just off the present day Herbert Jennings Avenue where the modern block of flats now stand.

The Acton estate had a long history and in the 17th century, it was the seat of the Jeffrey's family, after whom Jeffrey's Road is named.  Amongst their number was George Jeffreys, the infamous 'bloody Jeffreys' known for his severity in dealing with the rebels who sided with the Duke of Monmouth in his rebellion against King Charles II.

The Cunliffe family, after whom Cunliffe Street is named, owned the property in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The Cunliffes were responsible for the extension of Acton Hall and the erection of the gates.

The owners of the Acton estate sold off large parts of it's grounds in the 1920s and 1930s to Wrexham BC for the building of the first two phases of the Acton housing estate.  By the 1950s the house had become structurally unsound after many years of neglect and the decision was taken to demolish it.  The land was later used to build an extension to the Acton housing estate and its gardens were used to create the modern day Acton Park.


Acton Park Lodge

Acton Park Lodge, Chester Road, Grade II Listed

Built in 1887, as a lodge to Acton Park.  It is situated just behind Acton Gates.  The building is now a private residence.


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