Chequers, Church Street, Grade II * Listed

Chequers is a plaster fronted timber framed medieval hall house.  Originally single storey, the interior would have been open all the way up to the rafters, with a thatched roof.  The date of construction is difficult to pin down but one possible date is the early 16th century, with some sources citing it as early as the 14th century. The latter date would make it the oldest building in Wrexham.

The building took on its present form in the 17th century when the first floor and gables were added.  A date of 1681, found on a beam at the top of the stairs, may refer to the date the work was completed.

The building has served many uses in it's lifetime and has housed Chequers, a popular night time venue, since 1994.


Nos 3 & 4

Nos 3 & 4, Church Street, Grade II Listed

Nos 3 & 4, Church Street date to the 17th century and have a timber frame, hidden behind a later façade.  The building, along with 6 Temple Row (seen on the extreme right of the above photograph and separately below), took on much of its current appearance following a re-modeling in 1757.  A date plaque can still be seen on the Temple Row facade, along with the initials of it's builder, a clothier named Samuel Edwards and his wife Margaret.  The properties have since been subdivided but are still linked at first floor level.  The ground floor shop fronts are Victorian additions.

No 6, Temple Row, Grade II Listed
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