Croesnewydd Hall

Croesnewydd Hall, Rhyd Broughton Lane, Grade II Listed

Croesnewydd Hall was built in 1696.  It is a fine example of a mansion house from that time and is an early example of a brick building in this part of Wales.  The hall served as a house until the mid 1980s when it was bought by Clwyd County Council.  They converted it in to office use and it now forms the centrepiece of the Wrexham Technology Park.


Crossing Keeper's Cottage

Crossing Keeper's Cottage, Watery Road, Grade II LIsted

This building is situated next to the railway crossing on Watery Road and was built as a house for the crossing keeper.  The railway was built by the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Company in 1846 and the cottage dates back to this time.  The original general station, situated on the same site as the present one, a little further down the line, was also built at this time.  The Great Western Railway took over in the 1880s and they demolished the original general station and replaced it with the existing one but they left this building standing.


The cottage now survives as a good example of a now-scarce building type, and of the architecture associated with the Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Company.


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