Kingsmill Bridge

Kingsmill Bridge, Kingsmill Road, Grade II Listed

Kingsmill Bridge carries Kingsmill Road and Bryn-y-grog Hill over the River Clywedog at the point where it meets the River Gwenfro.


Robert Jones of Nantglyn, a mason, is recorded as having been contracted for the construction of Kingsmill Bridge in 1782.  The bridge and the one nearby, spanning the River Gwenfro, are of a very high quality; this fact gives a clue as to how important the area once was.


The 18th century King's Mill, situated next to the bridges, is the reason for the area's former importance. The present mill was built as a replacement for the original, which is thought to have dated back to the 14th century.  It was here where the inhabitants of Wrexham Regis were required to mill their grain.  A settlement grew up around the mill, known as Pentre Felin Newydd, or Pentre for short, which came to be known as Kings Mills, its current name, in the 19th century.

Over time the area lost its importance; some of the cottages were demolished in the early 20th century and the mill was closed in 1940.  By the 1970s the mill was threatened with demolition and the only one of the very old properties still in use was the Red Lion (also grade II listed).


From the 1970s onwards, the area got a new lease of life.  New housing estates were built close by and the Erddig estate, in which the mill and the bridges are situated, were taken over by the National Trust.  The mill was renovated and opened as a visitor centre in 1991.  The mill (strangely, not a listed building, despite its age and historic importance), the two bridges and the Red Lion, all remnants of the former hamlet, form a group of attractive structures in an area that is often overlooked.

Gwenfro Bridge

Gwenfro Bridge, Abenbury Road, Grade II Listed

The bridge over the River Gwenfro was built in 1829.  It is positioned at right angles to the Kingsmills Bridge (turn left at the junction to drive/walk over it) and adjacent to the Red Lion public house (both grade II listed).  The photograph is a view of the bridge as you drive or walk over it, with the King's Mill in the background.  The view of the arch is now obscured by a footbridge positioned next to it and the overgrown trees.

The Red Lion

The Red Lion, Abenbury Road, Grade II Listed

The Red Lion is a part of the former hamlet of Pentre Felin Newydd which was built up around the King’s Mill.  A smithy opened on this site in 1492 and this was converted in to a public house by 1498.  Whether or not the existing building and the establishment it contains are the one and the same is debateable.  CADW claim the existing structure is 17th century.  Whatever its history, this attractive building is certainly very old.


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