Beechley, Kingsmill Road, Grade II Listed

According to Palmer, Beechley was described as new in the rate books of 1726. At one time it was the head house of the Beechley and Kingsland estates.  In the 19th century the estates were the property of the Bennion family who gave their name to Bennion's Road which runs alongside the house.  The estates were sold off in 1894 and built upon shortly afterwards. Today the house is still in use as a dwelling.


Wrexham Barracks

Wrexham Barracks, Kingsmill Road, Grade II Listed

The buildings were erected in 1877 as the HQ for the Royal Welch Fusiliers, to replace their buildings on Regent Street (today occupied by Wrexham Museum).  The site held this purpose till 2006 and today it is used by the Territorial Army.


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