No 5

No 5, Town Hill, Grade II Listed

No 5 is a timber framed building dating from the early 16th century.  It was built as a house and formed part of a larger property with no 7.  They were subdivided around 1800 and a rear range was added or rebuilt in about 1900.


A restoration in the 1970s left exposed much of the timber work and wattle and daub infill.  The building was once occupied by The Bon menswear shop and now forms a part of the One to Five public house and restaurant.

No 5, along with nos 7 & 9, forms a group of very important, and now rare, buildings surviving from Wrexham's medieval past.


No 7

No 7, Town Hill, Grade II * Listed

This timber framed building is one of only two grade II* properties to be found in Wrexham town centre.  It's medieval rear ring is the oldest part of the building and is a good example, and a rare survivor of, what would originally have been a single story open hall building.  The wing forming the street frontage, positioned perpendicular to the hall, was probably added or re-modeled in the early 16th century and may have been the parlour for what was once a house of some status.  Evidence of it's one time status can be found in some linen fold panelling and the remains of what may have been a priest hole.  Both of these were revealed in a restoration which took place in the 1990s.


No 9

No 9, Town Hill, Grade II

The former Dodman’s shoe shop is a timber framed structure built as a house in the late 16th or early 17th centuries.  The building was re-fronted in the early 19th century with the addition of the first floor sash windows and the shop front was inserted in the late 19th century.  Much of the original interior timber work was revealed and left exposed following a restoration in the 1990s.


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